Does god exist?

Does god exist?

Ask this question to a theist and the definite answer is yes. Ask the same question to an atheist the definite answer is a no. Now ask either of them why the theist will say there is proof while the atheist will say there is no proof of god. So who is right? How can there be proof for and against god at the same time? And the more important question, does God's existence depends upon "proof"? The answer is no. The atheists and theists are viewing it from the same angle, the angle of a believer. They believe their respective priests and merely parrot that what is taught. God's existence is independent of any proofs or evidence.

So let us examine what is the meaning of the statement "God exists". Do you know? If you are a normal human being like any other you do not know, but has taken the meaning for granted. Let us see,
the first question
What is 'god'? Yes, it is not who is God but what is ‘god’ or to be precise what do you mean by the term "God"? Why is it important? You remember your childhood, how your parents taught you language? They showed you apple or cat and said apple and cat. If they could not show you, then they showed you a picture of say, lion. Or they described the thing. For example, a scientist will describe to you what a bacteria is and may draw you a picture. So when you see that particular thing you will be able to recognize it. So how do you recognize god? Can anyone show us the picture of god and tell us how to recognize him? Or what are the attributes of the given thing to say that it is "god"? Some say God is the creator and some say god is a concept.

Is god an object or concept? Simple question, isn't it? So decide whether god is an object or concept now so that we can analyze the statement.
You think God is a concept? A concept is conceived, that is a thought in the mind of a thinking being. There should be a corresponding object that exists, otherwise, it is merely a thought, which means there is no such thing in this universe or simply put, concepts DO NOT EXIST. If you insist that God is not an object but only a concept you are agreeing that God is only inside your mind and hence, God does not exist. There is nothing more to argue,by your own admission god is only a thought and does not exist.

If God is a creator then he has to be an object. Then what do you mean by an object? An object is anything that exists. Now we come to another crucial part, what is the definition of "exist"? Or what are the criteria to say god exists. The definition of ‘exist’ is having a physical presence that is having a shape and location [Bill Gaede]. So does god got a shape and location? If not, then God does not exist.
So let us assume God is an object that has a shape and location. So what is ‘god’? God is a creator object. OK, agreed but what did God create?
You say all things that are here was absent some time in the past (with no reason for such an assertion), but let us take that as true - "All things(objects) were absent in the past and were created". Then, remember, god too was an object. That means god too was created. But that statement is obviously false, isn't it? If there was nothing (no objects) then there was no god either. That means things were not created. If things were not created and if things are here, is there any other explanation? Only this, matter(things or objects) and space are always here, eternal. So let us say it one more time,

Matter and Space are eternal, there is no god.

Now if you say, OK things are always here but intelligence needs to be created. By this premise, either God has no intelligence or god's intelligence was created. The later is contradictory so only the former is possible, that means God was a thing which has no intelligence. So what do we call a thing which has no intelligence but can speed up reactions? A catalyst. That means what you call god is merely a catalyst for a chemical reaction. And what do we call when complex chemicals form from simple substances with or without the help of a catalyst, yes evolution. That means there is nothing in the universe which can be called God as we mean the term. The universe is eternal, with no beginning nor end.
So why is the atheist rambling about proof? What proof is needed for a being that is conceptually impossible?
In truth both the atheist and theist are parroting their favorite priests, they "believe" their priests, never think critically about what they talk.

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